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Swimming, according to Amaral (1980), is a physical activity that is a vehicle for some goals in your practice such as education, health, safety, recreation, satisfaction, self-realization and therapy.

And DASFIT, aims to provide you with water activities, through knowledge, attitude and playfulness, full motion, so that the individual, child or adult, learn to swim in the most pleasurable and safe mode.

"Swimming is not only performing moves with your body. It is, before that, organize the sensations received by the liquid in our brain, transferring them on a psychomotor mode in the water." (Velasco, 1994, p26)


Baby Swimming

Baby Swimming

Swimming is the activity that most brings health benefits, from childhood to adulthood. For babies, the water activities as Boulch Le said (1981) work the emotions and reactions associated with childhood musicality, stories and global movements that constitutes an essential step for the maturation of the child. And DASFIT, do it for your child. 

DASFIT respects each development child's stage, being attentive to every sign that body emits: a look, a tension, a cry, a smile. Water is the element of nature and source of pleasure. 

Swimming is the activity that most brings health benefits. 

Infant Swimming

Infant SwimmingDASFIT gives children autonomy, safety and experiences in search of its identity and independence.

The progressive control of the water gives the individual a confrontation for what it represents but that it pleases so much. We establish this trust and confidence individually, making this individual learns the technique of swimming through playfulness and pleasure.

We have several levels for babies and infant swimming, namely: Babies, Familiarization 1, Familiarization 2 and Learning. Contact us for more details. 

Adult Swimming

Natação AdultoThe adult swimming lessons aims working body awareness being able thus, map the own body to learn the four swimming strokes. Learning done with motivation, safety and self-overcoming. Be a part of this team!


Water Aerobics

Water AerobicsWater Aerobics can be practiced by people of any age, it works socialization, flexibility, balance, body consciousness, among others. Hydrogymnastics improves cardiorespiratory factor and aerobic capacity, endurance, muscle strength, helps in relaxation, flexibility and promotes well-being.


Bodybuilding and Fitness

Bodybuilding and FitnessWith an hour long and distinguished service and relying on a advanced methodology, efficient and objective, the training sessions are dynamic and planned. Professionals choose the best equipment to suit your needs for greater efficiency and safety.



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